Kelly's Story

Kelly's symptoms began during Christmas time 2016. She was in extreme pain and experiencing fatigue, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, bloating of the tummy, loss of appetite and weight loss. She went to the doctors about seven times because of this and the pain she was experiencing. She had no idea the symptoms could have been bowel cancer and her doctor did not advise this either. She was initially told that she had acid reflux, then had scans for gall stones and then was rushed to A&E from a GP appointment with suspected appendicitis.

Kelly was finally referred to a consultant who discovered she was anaemic and tested her for coeliac disease, which she tested negative for.


Three months passed and her symptoms continued. It was now affecting her job and home life.


She was then rushed to A&E when the pain got too much, to then be discharged with pain killers, an appointment for a colonoscopy and to do a stool sample. When getting ready for her colonoscopy, she had to drink MoviPrep in order to prepare her body, but this didn't go well as she ended up sick again and the procedure had to be cancelled. Her stool sample came back with inflammation indicators so she was referred to have an ultra sound, where the doctor then fell quiet and rushed her for a CT scan.


Kelly was sent home to then get a call saying she had to go back in to hospital as they had found an obstruction in her lower bowel. She was admitted and referred to the surgical team. She was then prepped again for a colonoscopy. When they was undergoing this they noticed a large lump, then there was panic in the room and lots of biopsies were taken.


The next day Kelly got the devastating news that she had a tumour in her bowel and it had spread to her liver and she was to undergo a right hemicolectomy the week after. In her operation, Kelly's surgeon (who she described as 'Amazing') Mr Khan (from Macclesfield Hospital) noticed a few of her lymph nodes didn’t look normal so he took 31 out, which later revealed the cancer had spread again as 14 of them came back cancerous.


Kelly was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer at the age of 28 in 2017. She underwent emergency surgery to remove the 5cm tumor and the right side of her bowel, she then went on to have chemotherapy for what had spread into her liver, this was successful and she was able to have a multiple liver resection which removed another 8 tumours.


Unfortunately Kelly wasn't all clear and the cancer had spread to her aorta and liver again which meant more chemotherapy at the Christie whilst on a break from 12 cycles and waiting for a decision to operate on the liver again it spread to her right lung. An opportunity came up for Kelly to take part in a trial down on Harley Street in London, which was a mixture of target therapy and immunotherapy, but after 4 cycles, a scan was done and unfortunately this has not been fully successful and the liver had not responded.


Kelly recently had the devastating news her cancer has spread to her spine and brain, shes recently undergone radiotherapy at the Christie, and has restarted chemotherapy again.


Kelly is now waiting on a decision to be made weather radiotherapy or an operation is best for the brain tumour

Kelly say's:

"It's gunna get done!!"

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